About us

Years of experience combined with the latest technology to design high quality products

Asso Marmitte started out as a small artisan company in 1963 producing car exhaust systems.

Growth was steady and continuous and, thanks to the philosophy of investing in innovative technology and managerial training, within a few years the company became an important reality and benchmark in the Automotive Aftermarket sector.

Gradually the younger generations began to replace the older generations. Then, in 1992, there was a significant turning point when the Valentini brothers decided to go a step further: a new production site of 18,000 m2, a new warehouse of over 10,000 m2, specialised staff and managerial decisions, clear indications of the company's position on the European market.

The company, with its modern organisational structure, values itself on the decisions it has made, including the ISO 9001 Quality Certification that it received in 1999, maintained to this day thanks to collaboration with DNV Italia; the development of a dedicated managerial system guaranteeing accurate and timely operations in all business functions; and, finally, web development for the improved, up-to-date management of customer needs.

Today’s five different product lines are the result of a company that, despite difficulties on a global scale, has maintained a reasonable standard of growth and has demonstrated its ability to make the right decisions and to adapt to the changing needs of the market.