We have combined technology with extensive experience to create high quality products and services

For many years now, Asso Marmitte has also offered its experience and collaboration to companies operating in different sectors, but within the areas of silencing engines, exhausts, and the conveyance of gas or special liquid flows.

Our reference market includes the agriculture, boating, manned and earthmoving machinery sectors or companies involved in the production of specific pipelines.

Asso Marmitte's research and development department designs and/or develops each customised request from customer companies. The preparation of samples and prototypes is then followed by the large-scale production of parts, pipes or industrial silencers.

The use of the latest instrumentation and software, together with production with new generation machinery, ensure results of high precision and guarantee excellent quality.

Pipes of specific diameters up to 150 mm, machining such as cuts, cones, inlets and special bends are created for specific customer systems or for the production of parts, the precision of which guarantees safe and accurate assembly.

Specific productions of manual or CNC folding, milling and calendering, can be carried out on materials in aluminium, iron or stainless steel and in combination with manual or robotised welding processes.

Attention to detail, precision and professionalism make Asso Marmitte an important partner of reference in the panorama of spare industrial parts and components of the Italian and international market.