GREEN LINE: we produce and regenerate particulate filters for cars, buses, and industrial vehicles

The new line of products in the particulate filters range is aimed at cars but also trucks and industrial vehicles.

Asso Marmitte offers regenerated filters guaranteeing high quality. An excellent alternative to a new product.

The particulate filters are for cars as well as trucks and industrial vehicles.​


Which is better, a new filter or a regenerated filter?”

With a regenerated filter you can save up to 50%, without compromising on product quality. The regeneration technology of Asso Marmitte's particulate filters guarantees restoration of DPF/APF functionality in the region of 98% compared to a new filter.

Asso Marmitte's cleaning system uses patented machinery guaranteeing effective deep cleaning of the DPF/APF channels and complete removal of the cerium oxide and combustible ashes produced by the combustion of lubricating oil. The filters are inserted in special ovens and heated to a temperature of 600° C.

This high temperature guarantees the total combustion of any residue in the monolith channels, while retaining the characteristics of the quality materials inside the filtering system. The next operation involves placing the filter into a special cabin that, using specific flows of compressed air, ensures that any remaining residue is eliminated.

The final step involves a back pressure test which measures and records the new values.

The staff of Asso Marmitte guarantee filter regeneration and delivery to the customer within 48 hours. To guarantee the work is carried out, a certificate is issued with the filter to certify the values ​​before and after regeneration in terms of back pressure.

The warranty is valid for either one year or 40,000 kilometres.


The ecological transformation of your vehicle: buses, industrial vehicles or agricultural machinery

We convert your vehicle from Euro 0,1,2,3 into Euro 5

Asso Marmitte in collaboration with Baumot, leading company in the after-treatment of exhaust gases, offers a range of universal products composed of FAP and passive DeNOx systems capable of reducing diesel engine emissions and in compliance with current EURO 5 regulations. 

All systems are extremely simple and quick to assemble, only requiring minimum maintenance.

Thanks to the experience we have gained over many years of business, we are able to offer the perfect system for all applications and conditions of use.

Asso Marmitte's filtering systems guarantee the conversion of your vehicle into Euro 5 while maintaining the performance of your engine. The updating of your vehicle registration will allow you to travel to all regions in Italy and to all European countries that now have restricted access due to anti-pollution regulations.