Products designed to be durable and extremely reliable

Over the years, Asso Marmitte has strongly specialised in the trucks sector, and today offers high quality materials, together with a wide and complete range of products. These characteristics make Asso Marmitte a benchmark company in the market of silencers for industrial vehicles in Italy and Europe.


  • Guarantee of longer durability
  • Quick, safe assembly
  • Perfect interchangeability with the O.E.
  • Attention to detail


Each product in the range is carefully assigned a specific code, from the silencers to the accessories that complete the exhaust line.

All products are built to last: the guarantee of durability is certified by the use of materials that are specifically selected for their wear resistance in terms of time and mileage, everyday requirements of trucks.

The precision of construction and perfect interchangeability with the O.E. guarantee a quick, safe assembly.

Asso Marmitte's main policy includes attention to detail, precision and professionalism. Our strengths have increased over time and are based on extensive international experience, making the company a reliable partner in the sector of spare parts for heavy vehicles

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