We start from quality when designing each of our products

Asso Marmitte S.r.l. strives to attain modern quality management at all levels, involving all staff and in accordance with current standards and legislation, with the aim of achieving total customer satisfaction.

"This policy is a guaranteed success as, in order to reach the common objective of quality, each collaborator is provided with the tools to improve and thus plays a constructive role in the overall growth of the company."

Asso Marmitte's quality policy is also strictly oriented towards environmental protection and safety in the performance of its activities, both inside the production unit and beyond.

To this end, Asso Marmitte aims for:

  • Continuous improvement of product quality, which includes:

      Improvement of the production and technological processes
      Use of reliable raw materials
      Quality monitoring through appropriate checks

  • Research into and elimination of potential non-conformities through prevention.
  • Motivation and training of staff to operate under the system of quality.
  • Identification of current and future requirements of the customers to offer the most suitable services and to satisfy customers' needs.
  • Supply of new products to the customer to meet the requirements they express and imply.

Our strengths include innovation, dynamism, flexibility and the use of quality raw materials.

We achieve our objectives through:

  • Introduction of a company quality management system according to ISO standard 9001:2008.
  • A suitable working environment with functional facilities that comply with current safety regulations.
  • Production activities carried out in compliance with specific contract requirements and/or applicable regulations and Internal Operating Procedures.
  • Effective and continuous staff training and qualification.
  • Circulation of the company quality policy through distribution of the quality manual to the concerned departments during staff training and regular meetings with the various organisational departments.
  • Knowing, understanding and accepting the requests, comments and suggestions from customers to all staff involved in supporting the quality policy.
  • Updating the catalogues, expanding our product ranges, and performing various customer-targeted updates.