Earth movement

Earth movement

Earth movement
We have combined technology with long experience to create products of high quality and performance

Since many years, Asso Marmitte offers its experience and cooperation also to companies operating in completely different sectors but they have in common the problem of engines noise reduction and conveying of emission controls. Sectors like agriculture, nautic, excavators, or companies related to the production of particular pipes, are our reference market. Asso Marmitte research and development center, project and / or develops every single customized inquiry that comes from the customers. Samples preparation is followed by large-scale production of spare part, or pipe or industrial silencer.

The use of high-tech
equipment and
software, new generation machineries, for the production, give as result high precision and
guaranteed excellent quality.

Pipes with special diameters up to 150mm processing such as connections and bendings of particular radius are manufactured for specific exhaust systems or for high precision production of spare parts which grant a right fitting.
Special productions of manual or CNC bending, milling, cowling, can be realised on iron, or aluminized and stainless steel materials and related to handling or robotic welding processes.
Attention to details, precision and professionalism make Asso Marmitte a reference partner in the spare parts sector of National and International industrial components markets.