We produce and regenerate Diesel particulate filters for passenger cars and industrial vehicles.

Thanks to a regenerated filter it is possible to save over 50%, without renouncing to the product quality: Asso Marmitte regeneration technology, applied to diesel particulate filters, guarantees a restore of DPF functionalities close to 98% compared to a new one.

Is it better a new filter or a regenerated one?

Asso Marmitte cleaning system uses patented machines which guarantee the complete effectiveness, both of the deep cleaning in the filter canals and in the elimination of Cerina or unburnt ashes produced by the combustion of the lubricant oil.

The filters are put in special ovens to a temperature of 600°. The high temperature grants the complete combustion of all the residues present into the monolith canals, keeping unchanged the characteristics of noble materials inside the filtering system.

The next step is to insert the filter in a special cabin that, using specific compressed air flows, accomplish the exit of residues.

The last passage consists in the back-pressure test where are registered the new values measurements.

Asso Marmitte staff ensures the regeneration and the return of the filter at customer within 48 hours.

Once the regeneration process is completed, a technical certificate of one-year guarantee is issued together with the filter.

We convert your Euro1-Euro2-Euro3 industrial vehicle in Euro5 model.

The modification can be arranged on: buses, industrial and agricultural vehicles.

Asso Marmitte, leading company in the exhaust gas post-treatment sector, offers a range of universal products consisting of passive DPF and DeNOx systems which are capable of reducing diesel engine emissions in conformity to current Euro5 regulations.

All systems are extremely simple and quick to fit and require minimal maintenance.
Thanks to the experience gained over many years of activity, we are able to offer the ideal system for every application and condition of use.

The filtering systems proposed by Asso Marmitte guarantee the transformation of your vehicle in Euro5 model, while keeping unchanged the performance of your engine. The upgrade of vehicle registration certificate will allow to travel into Italian territory and in all European countries regulated by anti-pollution legislations.